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Feb 6, 2013 4:30am PST
spend public money. >> i think in the wake of a tax increase oh, we are giving $40 million to the losers, it erodes public trust. >> but it encourages other companies to bid which can reduce costs to other projects. and it can help in the new eastern span of the bay bridge. >> quarterback alex smith will be decided by the team, not the player. >> i don't think any player has those wishes granted they are under contract. >> the last four plays -- >> this is during the end of the season news conference and harbaugh wanted a report that could start another team. >>> lawyers head coach shows his team is no push over. he instructed his players to intentionally foul the game. now he didn't want to rockets to break for a single game basket. they made 5, three pointers trapping the warrior. >>> time now is 4:55, another check on traffic, it looks much better than the warrior's performance. >> i digress, let's look at the commute now. the toll plaza looks good, there are no major problems, this is your window, you may want to get out there soon and the drive times go up, just before 6:00,
Feb 8, 2013 4:30am PST
the possibility of going to voters next year with a proposal for a sales tax hike. >>> police in fairfield are looking for the men they say duct taped and robbed a school janitor for ipads. it happened wednesday night at the semiyen toe continuation high school. two men ordered the janitor to the ground and duct taped him to the desk. it has been robbed three other times in the past four months. >>> now back to the top story. search for christopher dorner. investigators are pouring over the 18 page manifesto he posted on his facebook page. he addressed it to america. entitled it last resort. he doesn't fear death because he had already died on january 2nd, 2009 the date he was fired from the force. current oakland police consultant bill bradden was the los angeles police chief at that time. >> a lot of police officers got discharged and none of them resorts to the actions this man has taken. >> he complimented several celebrities for their looks and accomplishments. now you can read dorners entire manifesto at we are obviously monitoring the man hunt and bring you updat
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2